Texas Longhorn Reference_Sire - Jamakizm - Photo Number: T_6267.jpg
Reg.: T-71859
DOB: 5/22/2003
Color: Red Brindle
Jamakizm Jamakizm was bred by Tom Smith and developed by Dick Lowe. When he was first collected DCCI purchased 100 straws of semen and some really great things happened. From the first year's AI the great bull Drag Iron was born then Juma, Jack Pot, Hooray and Jamster. Jamakizm by Shadowizm added the dark minimal-white pattern with consistent brindle. His body is one of the tallest and longest of modern TL sires. His greatness comes from the strength to sire great males and females which few other bulls can do. Horn 83 T2T. Jamakizm is a great contributor to modern value genetics.

Texas Longhorn Sire - Shadowizm - Photo Number: Shadowism.jpg
The Shadow Senator
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Good Friday
Dakota Kid
Zither Zhivago
Safari B 496
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Bail Jumper
Impressive News
Jamoka Circle K Donovan Senator
Miss Widespread Widespread 11/9
Doherty 174


This steer is Sato by Jamakizm with 123
This steer is Sato by Jamakizm with 123" horn, most of any steer in history.
Sato, age 9.<br>World record tip to tip steer at 125.75
Sato, age 9.
World record tip to tip steer at 125.75"

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