Texas Star

Texas Star - Photo Number: texas_star.jpg
Reg.: T-1449
Brand: 246

Semen: $25.00

He was sired by Texas Ranger, out of Belle Star 31. This great old flamboyant red & white bull lived to be 20 years old & successfully bred up until the last day of his life. No other bull in the Longhorn breed nor probably any other breed in the United States bred for a 20 year life span & also produced thousands of units of frozen semen. His strong traditional Longhorn genetics & longevity make him a sire that will not go away. His best known son is Gunner. He will have numerous calves born in Brazil.

Sire - Texas Ranger JP - Photo Number: ranger.jpg
Texas Ranger JP
Two Tone Phillips Longhorn
Phillips Longhorn
Brazos Belle 182Nd Phillips Longhorn
Phillips Longhorn
Belle Star 31 Benito Juarez
Y.O. Maria 11

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