Top Zone

Top Zone - Photo Number: j_1773.jpg
Reg.: B-9654
Brand: 23/9
DOB: 4/6/2019
Color: B/W
Weight: 1890

(on 6/7/2022)

Semen: $25.00

He is a nice low birth weight of 73 lbs from the best consistent producing Buelingo cow at DCC. He is an out-cross for most Buelingo families of a 100% performance tested pedigree. He combines a line bred ancestry of championship Salers, Limousin and the famous Roland Vernon herd. Use him for calving heifers and for rapid gaining feeder calves.

Sire - Progress Wrap - Photo Number: d_6715.jpg
Progress Wrap
Cycle Progress Wulfs Polled Progress
Wulfs Businessman
Miss Wolfette 9081
Dingo Trader
Spiral Wrap Fun And Games
Yard Of Fun
True Edition
Spiral One
Spiral Progress
One More Circle
Dip Zone - Photo Number: e_8154.jpg
Dip Zone
Dip Stick Cycle Progress
Wulfs Polled Progress
Ring of Fun Yard Of Fun
Yard Dog
H&R Delite
Ring of Cross
Ring Of Saturn
Cross Bear


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