Graphic Progress

Graphic Progress - Photo Number: w_3109.jpg
Reg.: B-5190
Brand: 9/3
DOB: 5/18/2003
Color: B/W
Weight: 1715

(on 6/12/2006)

Semen: $20.00

Graphic Progress is one of the three best sons of Cycle Progress owned by BueLingo Assn, President Joe Steve. He has been used successfully at DCCI and several hundred units of semen has been sold from him. He sires the Limousine thick quality carcass look with the strong Dutch belt. His dam Calligraphy has been used in DCC promotion materials due to her perfect angular conformation and huge hip.

Sire - Cycle Progress - Photo Number: cycle_progress.jpg
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Calligraphy - Photo Number: s_4993.jpg
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