Pin Drop

BueLingo Reference_Sire - Pin Drop - Photo Number: b_6895.jpg
Reg.: B-8581
DOB: 3/29/2013
Color: B/W
Weight: 1720

(on 5/24/2016)

Price: NFS
Pin Drop Pin Drop was the DCCI jr. Sire after Power Game was sold. He is 1595 lbs, two year old weight, polled and smooth as a frog hair. DCCI is pleased to elevate him to senior sire status next season. This Dip Echo bull is what Buelingo is all about. He is registered and correctly belted 100% for 4 generations. He is correct, big, perfectly belted, and blends the 4 great DCCI BueLingo sires.

BueLingo Sire - Dip Echo - Photo Number: x_6124.jpg
Dip Echo
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