BueLingo Breed Photo Tour

Welcome to the DCCI BueLingo Breed Photo tour.

Buelingo greet a FAM tour group from Canada. Buelingo dispositon is one of the best.

When you meet a Buelingo herd coming down the road, they are very impressive.

This is an 8 year old gold belted BueLingo. She has several daughters represented in the DCCI herd.

Buelingo are mostly black and white. When a red belted one shows up they are very valuable.

The belt is Buelingo. This striking trait catches even a sleepy eye.

Calligraphy is a Dakota Marshall daughter. She is dam of Graphic Progress.

This great red Salers cow brought proven calving ease and growth genetics to the DCCI red family of Buelingo

Dakota 26 is the Salers/Buelingo blend. She has produced 2 great herd sires.

Dip Stick pictured at age 2. He is a great calving ease sire for heifers. Semen Available.

This calf is from a registered Buelingo and sired by the famous red Limousine sire Wolfs Polled Progress.

Many early DCCI Buelingo were bred from registered French Salers red cows including this feminine female.

Yard of Fun is 2275 lbs. He is the Sr. Sire at DCCI for 2005 & 2006. Semen Available.

Some carefully selected Charolias blood is in the DCCI herd representing the famous AI sire "Iron Man".

This very correct Buelingo weighed over 770 lbs at 205 days of age. She later became a Buelingo National Champion.

For 6 years, BueLingo tours are offered by DCCI. Some days over 200 people per day see the herds.

At DCCI these four young herd sires represent the grullo, red, and black belted patterns.

Smoke'n Fin has given rich silver belts and thick steaks, a great combination.

This 3 yr. old is a Cycle Progress daughter. He is the best BueLingo sire ever. Semen Available.

Buelingo cows are wonderful mothers. A great mother weans a huge calf.

Buelingo are absolutely beautiful pasture cattle. Their fast gaining performance is even more impressive.

This is one of the DCCI headquarters facilities. The semen sires, office, and meat store are here.

"Ring of Cross" was International Champion in 2000 shown for DCCI by Michelle Shipe. Today she is a producing cow.

Joel Dickinson (on right), an owner of DCCI, proudly holds the Buelingo National Champion Cow trophy.

The ranch billboard is visible at mile marker 200 on Ohio Interstate 70.

This wonderful female was Buelingo National Champion in 1998. Age 2.

Everyone loves the Buelingo calves, even Nicole Lenz, daughter of ranche owner Dela Lenz.

DCCI sells Registered Buelingo cattle all year. More people buy their first Buelingo from DCCI than any other herd.

Most Buelingo are black belted with the original Dutch influence blended with American Black Angus.

Several grullo/silver cows are stand-outs in DCCI pastures.

This is a great foundation DCCI cow by B-Rouge Chi.

The Longhorn & BueLingo busses tour the pastures daily in the summer.

Buelingo graze in open pastures at DCCI all 12 months. Joel Dickinson checks young cows on a 4x4 Honda.

This is the silver family of BueLingo. They are very popular.

Linda Dickinson can round up an entire Buelingo herd in less than a New York minute with a bucket of feed.

Daily tours of the Buelingo herd are conducted for the public all summer. Price $10 for adults.

The BueLingo Tour bus.

Several thousand people view Buelingo cattle at DCCI annually. They are a very appreciated breed.