Classic - Photo Number: classic.jpg
Reg.: T-3619
Brand: 100
Color: White

Semen: $15.00

He is sired by Bevo, out of the famous corkscrew horned cow Beauty. Beauty was the first cow recognized in the Texas Longhorn breed with over 60" tip to tip. Classic was once syndicated for $1,000,000 & many feel that he is the leading sire of the longest tip to tip horned cattle in the breed. He holds a unique designation in that he has sired numerous highly respected sons & also daughters. (This is an unusual trait, but one possessed by every truly great sire.) A cow bred to Classic will often produce a white calf unless mated to a solid dun, red or black female. Classic will sired very long horn & very feminine females. His 60" was a record in his day but not close to modern sires of over 80".


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