Jet Jockey

Jet Jockey - Photo Number: jet.jpg
Reg.: T-35221
Brand: 237/6
DOB: 1/18/1986
Color: Bk/W
JET JOCKEY - was World All Age Champion Bull in 1988. He sired Westward Ho and numerous great female producers. Jet Jockey daughters produced Not Gunna, Gizmo, Titelist and Highway Man. No Semen is available.

Sire - Bail Jumper - Photo Number: bail.jpg
Bail Jumper
Cowcatcher Texas Toro 60
Texas Ranger JP
WR 1071
Calico Gal
Old Calico
Brazos Belle 4Th
Rangers Measles Texas Ranger JP
Two Tone
Brazos Belle 182Nd
Measles 2849
WR 2161
WR 2495
Better Yet Impressive Don Quintana
Rangers Measles
Ghost Sam
Miss Dayton #3


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