Reg#: T-3296

DOB: 1977

Breeder: Dick Mott

Owner: Animal is Deceased

Weight: 2150

Horns:  51"

Cowcatcher { Texas Toro 60 { Texas Ranger JP { Two Tone
Brazos Belle 182nd
WR 1071 { WR 960
     WR 543
Calico Gal { Old Calico { Phillips Bull
Phillips Cow
Brazos Belle 4th { Phillips Bull
Phillips Cow

COWCATCHER - Brought an early dimention of quality to the industry. In the early eighties there was no other bull like him. He was over 50" and over a ton. That combination was almost unbelievable. Today through Cowcatcher's contribution and other related sires, the ton plus 60" has established a new mark.

His most famous sons are Overwhelmer and Bail Jumper. No Semen available.