Pair List

Cycle Certain


DOB: 3/31/2015; Sire: Cycle Progress; Dam: Fun'n Kicks; Color: 3/31/15; Service Sire:Slug Cal; She has birthed 4 calves. She is dam of IVF Shootist. Correct belted bull at side by Slug Cal born 6-30-20.

Graphic Tally


DOB: 4/15/2014; Sire: Graphic Progress; Dam: Dip Tally; Color: B/W; Service Sire:Top Zone; This young cow is a faithful producer making good decisions. Correct belt both her and calf. One white toe. Bull calf born 5-8-20 at side by Slug Cal. Does not have corona and refuses to wear a mask.

Pin Gift


DOB: 4/1/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Power Gift; Color: B/W; Service Sire:Holy Smoke; She is a sweet young age 3 Buelingo with her second calf. Everything to live for and has never heard about the torture of personal property tax. Bull calf by Progress Wrap at side born 5-5-20.

Pin Memory


DOB: 4/3/2017; Sire: Pin Drop; Dam: Memory Keeper; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Holy Smoke; Just a 3 year old raising her 2nd calf. He dam was selected from General Joe Steve's choice Buelingo herd just before he passed away. She is the last of some great genetics. Bull calf born 4-12-20, at side correctly belted by Progress Wrap.

Slug Gal


DOB: 5/21/2016; Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Dip Tally; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Holy Smoke; She is young and faithful. Correct belt and correct belt bull calf by Progress Wrap born 5-18-20. She combines the Verbal Slugger and Chrome Cycle banding. That is good stuff.

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