Heifer_2021 List

Adagio Flair x Time Line - 2021 Hf.


DOB: 4/23/2021; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Adagio Flair; Color: W/R; You can see it coming already. She will be wall to wall wine roan. Should have horns to reach across the Potomic.

All Points x Elfego - Heifer


DOB: 4/5/2021; Sire: Elfego; Dam: All Points; Color: W/B sp fac; Possibly the greatest value face ever. She should develop black roan specks with age.

Black Aces - 2021 Heifer


DOB: 4/17/2021; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Black Aces; Color: W/R; She is Point Mark all over. No one is disappointed with PM heifers. Buy now and pick up at weaning.

Clear Symbol x Spokesman


DOB: 4/17/2021; Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Clear Symbol; Color: R/W; She is for sale not because of lack of quality - that's not right. We are getting a lot of Spokesman blood because we appreciate them. This year, DCC will breed her sire and two half brothers. She is a duplicate, and a nice one.

Drop Dancer x Tied Off - 21 Heifer


DOB: 6/24/2021; Sire: Tied off; Dam: Drop Dancer; Color: B/w; This little lightning faced heifer is bred higher than a wood pecker's nest in the redwood forest. Available at weaning.

Jest Fine x Cut'n Dried - Heifer


DOB: 5/5/2021; Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Jest Fine; Color: W/R Er,lgs; As good of pedigree as can be engineered. She will roan-up like her dam with time.

Point Aura x Stop Already - Heifer


DOB: 5/13/2021; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Point Aura; Color: B/W; She will slick off black just liker her sire. Long legs like a Washington staff secretary who can walk in deep stuff. She is bred to be huge, trim, and tall.

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