Heifer_2020 List

Adagio Flair x Stop Already - Heif.


DOB: 4/19/2020; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Adagio Flair; Color: R/W; She is beautiful genetically banded. Look at that tiny lady-like face.

All Points x Elfego - 2020 Heifer


DOB: 4/25/2020; Sire: Elfego; Dam: All Points; Color: B/W; She has more black heritage than a turtle's gizzard. Eight ancestors over a ton. Nine ancestors are over 80", 90", or 100". Strong blood!!!

Black Aces x Spokesman - 2020


DOB: 4/18/2020; Sire: Spokeman; Dam: Black Aces; Color: 4/18/20; She is long, tall, dark, and lovely. What a stunning cow she will be.

Briar Patch x Cut'N Dried - Heifer


DOB: 4/26/2020; Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Briar Patch; Color: W/R Ears; First chance to purchase a Cut'n Dried heifer with the Winchester blend. Available at weaning in October. To fall in love, check the pedigree.

Clear Yea! x Drop Box - 2020 Heifer


DOB: 4/7/2020; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Clear Yea!; Color: W/R; her dam is a huge horn and body genetic package. Drop Box needs no introduction. Show heifer without apology.

Eliza x Point Mark - 2020 Heifer


DOB: 6/10/2020; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Eliza; Color: B/W; The newest DCC improved genetics. She has 5 over 80, 90, and 100" ancestors. She has 12 over a ton ancestors. She identifies as a highly valuable developing female.

Flaired Anchor x Time Line - Heifer


DOB: 5/11/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Flaired Anchor; Color: R/W spkd; This is a large heifer for her age. Rightfully so with 27 over one ton ancestors. She is bred to be everything of value to the TL breed.

Makita x Time Line - Heifer


DOB: 4/19/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Makita; Color: W/R spks; Look at the substance and body thickness! Her dam is a full sister to Clear Win. This is futuristic genetics.

Noble Iron x Time Line - 2020 Heif.


DOB: 4/16/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Noble Iron; Color: Bk/W; Beautiful color, great conformation and 23 over a ton ancestors. She will be big, trim, and bold.

Soft Focus x Drop Box - 2020 Heifer


DOB: 4/16/2020; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Soft Focus; Color: R/W spkd; This fancy heifer is bred to have more horn than the Georgetown marching band. Absolutely perfect profile. Will speculate like a freckled face Florida kid.

Steely x Time Line - 2020 Heifer


DOB: 4/9/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Steely; Color: W/R; Sired by Time Line, the largest son of Rio. She is very correct. Her mother proudly bathes her several times a day. Look at that hip like a south Nigerian hippo.

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