Exhibition_Steer List

Band Wagon


DOB: 6/20/2017; Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Trophy Girl; Color: R/W Pnt; He is everything anyone would want in an exhibition steer. Look at that face! Tall as a buggy horse. Long as a preacher's joke. Pedigree traces back 17 generations for first DCC cattle of 1967. Does not shed horns in the fall. Sells with all semen rights as needed if possible.

Bell Point


DOB: 4/1/2015; Sire: Clear Point; Dam: Victory Bella; Color: Wh/spk; This is the first generation of steers by Clear Point (T2T 91 1/8") . The data could blow the roof off. Guaranteed to grow horn while he sleeps. Measured 102 7/8" T2T on 5-24-21. That is the thin air data. Not guaranteed fertile. Does not give milk in the Spring. Projects 130" at maturity. For the true stalker of big horns.

Blind Date x Drop Box - 2020 Steer


DOB: 4/24/2020; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Blind Date; Color: R/W Pnl; He is an extreme tri-color blending from white pinto to gold to real black. He will mature to a flashy parade steer.

Briar Point x Iron Span - Steer


DOB: 6/17/2021; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Briar Point; Color: W/B spks; He will stand out at night like a chameleon on a mission. Note his broad skull cap - the sign of much horn to come.

Clear Chance x Spokesman -


DOB: 5/5/2022; Sire: Spokesman; Dam: Clear Choice; Color: W/B ear, lg; The Spokesman splash is a fun addition to any herd. He will speckulate with time. Could become a true blue roan.

Cup It Up


DOB: 5/18/2015; Sire: Juma; Dam: Hiccup; Color: R/W; He is just a baby 7 year old. He is bred high as an eagle next in the redwood forest. He can win any steer show in the nation. No semen ever collected. Does not stand still for milking. Gentle with kind eyes and a good heart. Never been known to burn anyone's Christmas tree. Has more specks than an Ohio shotgun wedding groom. What more can be said?

Debutante x Cut'n Dried - Steer


DOB: 6/2/2020; Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Debutante; Color: R/W; Look at this wild brindle face. Looks like Joe Biden poured chocolate ice cream toppings on his head. Notice tiny speckulations crawling up from his legs to make him decor of excellence.

Destiny Score


DOB: 4/25/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Destiny; Color: R/W; he is far enough into his personal horn sproutulation that a well over 100" projection is a fact of the pasture.

Dragon Shard x Macanudo - Steer


DOB: 4/12/2021; Sire: Macanudo; Dam: Dragon Shard; Color: W/B ears; he is young, but the widest horn factors live within his veins. Watch his blue roan specks slowly explode. Totally honest. Has no expectations of being a herd sire or milk cow.

Dusty Knot


DOB: 4/19/2018; Sire: Sweet Brindle Dust; Dam: Dragon Knot; Color: W/R ears; Projects well above 100" at maturity. More specks growing monthly. All semen rights included, but no guarantees. Not a KKK member, nor ever has been. Does not fake being a white supremacist. He is as easy to find at night as Hopalong Casidy's horse Topper.

El Jest x Venom - 2021 Steer


DOB: 4/26/2021; Sire: Venom; Dam: El Jest; Color: W/B; He will blue roan-up to be a beautiful exhibition steer. Get him young and save money -- just add time. Doesn't need a litter box. Will not bark and jump on your bed. Doesn't require milking or enemas.

High & Dry


DOB: 4/12/2017; Sire: High Noon; Dam: Bowl Draft; Color: W/R spks; He is a sweet perfectly shaped spread soon to be over 100." His dam is famous for producing Twisted Sister and Twisted Uncle. Remember, they were the loud mouths at the last family reunion? That projects him above 120 at maturity. He is humble and polite, as steers go.

Iron Dance


DOB: 4/12/2014; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Dance Contest; Color: R/W pnl; He is an own son of Drag Iron and never before offered for sale. Nearly a ton and tip to tip breathing on 105". Dickinson Cattle Co is the place to buy a trailer load of over 100 inch steers, still young with over a dozen years of exhibition, stunning, overwhelming viewing pleasure. As Donald Trump said about Melania --- She isn't cheap, but worth it.

Iron Queen x Cut'n Dried - Steer


DOB: 4/22/2020; Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Iron Queen; Color: R/W; He is a heads-up steer who is easy to photograph. He has every color already and more new colors coming even while he sleeps.

Jam Out x Fifty Fifty - 2020 Steer


DOB: 4/18/2020; Sire: Fifty Fifty; Dam: Jam Out; Color: Red; One of the few young 50-50 exhibition steers around. The odds are high he will be an exceptional pasture decor. Look at his perfect early horn growth. He will be fun to talk about around the campfire during a trail drive.

Jam'n Jest x Iron Span - 2019 Steer


DOB: 7/9/2019; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Jam'n Jest; Color: W/R Hd; One of the first Iron Span steers and a wowzer he is. Way over 6 feet during his 3rd year - a blench mark. B uy young and enjoy many years.

Jest A Drag x Top Caliber - Steer


DOB: 4/27/2020; Sire: Top Caliber; Dam: Jest A Drag; Color: W/R spks; This banding of Drag Iron and Top Caliber is a dream for an exhibition steer. More specks than Joe Biden's basement sealing. Will not shoot a co-worker. Prefers clover to fescue grass. He has no interest in cows or bulls.

Past Noon x Out Front - 2019 Steer


DOB: 4/22/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Past Noon; Color: Red; This slightly brindle steer is projected to blow past the 100" T2T mark. Doesn't require a blanket in Winter.

Phantom Jet


DOB: 4/22/2016; Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Speckled Iron; Color: W/R Ears; Phantom Jet - At only age 6 horns 97.25" T2T on 5-30-22 and moving on. Should twist and twirl into, up, or over 100" tip to tip. More back specks than an Ohio groom at a shotgun wedding. You won't find him at the local cattle auction, a flee market or in a impeachment dungeon. Not guaranteed to give milk or produce semen. Doesn't shed his horns in the fall.

Royal Victor


DOB: 6/22/2018; Sire: Clear Point; Dam: Victory Bella; Color: W/R Spts; He is a full brother to Bell Point who is well over 100" T2T. Buy before he is 120" and save a wheel barrow of money. All the grab-the-eye stuff is here... more than an elephant on a bicycle. Measuring 80.5" on 11-8-21. Notice the great hair growth on his horn line?

Shortcake x Top Calilber - steer


DOB: 4/8/2020; Sire: Top Caliber; Dam: Shortcake; Color: W/R ears; Top Caliber is famous for great twisty horn. He is a light blue roan and getting darker each year. He will stop more traffic than a Hunter Biden sighting at a pole dancing.

Slight of Hand


DOB: 4/17/2014; Sire: Top Hand; Dam: Winnipeg; Color: Red; Slight has more horn than any 1880s vintage steer who ever went up the trails. Great data. T2T on 5-24-21 is 98.25". Nothing worse than the ride home saying, "I wish I had bought him." How many age 5 steers of any breed have over 7' horns T2T - not many! He is taller than a saddle horse. A small child could ride a tricycle under him, maybe. The only steer son of famous Winnipeg.

Smiling Glissade x Elfego - Steer


DOB: 4/24/2021; Sire: Elfego; Dam: Smiling Glissade; Color: W/B; He is bold as a fox on front street. Looks like he stuck his nose in a bucket of black paint -- no doubt will not be transferred to his calves, if any. Could serve as a rescue steer.

Stolen Dream x Cut'n Dried


DOB: 3/2/2019; Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Stolen Dreams; Color: W/R Ears; his specks are expanding like knots on a wart hog. Look at his perfect horn-storm of over 80", 90", and 100" ancestors. For the next few years the brindle specks will multiply. No semen rights go with him. 100% genuine steer hide covering.

Stove Pipe


DOB: 4/19/2017; Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Skedaddle Iron; Color: Black; One of the widest spreads of any black steer. No Holstein blood here, Jersey or Watusi -- none. You can't find him at night but in the sunlight he is bold as a Hollywood production. He is stunning, striking, bold appearing and very something. Everyone needs a black Texas Longhorn steer in their living room.

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