Bull_2018 List

All Right


DOB: 5/19/2018; Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Raspberry Ruger; Color: W/R Spkld; He is young, thick and more color than a Navajo princess. Not many with this pedigree and this strong value color. When you spot the herd sire a half mile away, that is great marketing. A visual whammy always sells.

Back Alley


DOB: 6/1/2018; Sire: Saddlehorn; Dam: Pretty Lady; Color: Black; he is black as Baghdaddi's heart, but is kind, gentle, and halter trained. Note his dam is 97" T2T and sire is famous Saddlehorn. What a package. He is for the herd that needs darker color and more horn. No leased or borrowed bulls in his pedigree.

Box of Glaze


DOB: 5/6/2018; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Dragon Glaze; Color: R/W spkd; One of the first fancy Drop Box sons offered. A rich bronze appaloosa color. This pedigree is PV guaranteed good. He scores high on the DCC horn chart. Halter trained stage #1. You will hate yourself when your neighbor buys him and he becomes a great sire. Then his calves will hammer you at the shows and sales.

Cut'n Wheel


DOB: 6/9/2018; Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Drag A Wheel; Color: W/R hd, sp; DCC planned to breed him but just too closely related to fit a herd. He is thick like his sire and grand sire - speckled like a prison kitchen and gentle as a BLM officer sleeping in a government truck.

Dusty Dragon


DOB: 4/21/2018; Sire: Sweet Brinde Dust; Dam: Dragon Smile; Color: R/W; Sweet Brindle Dust was used as an experiment on some for the smoothest, tallest, flat horned DCC cows. Here is one of the every good results. It was found that Drag Iron cows are the best banding on SBD. Halter Broken to level 1.

Dusty View


DOB: 4/28/2018; Sire: Sweet Brinde Dust; Dam: Dragon View; Color: R/W spkd; May be a one of a kind pedigree. Another well known bull, Brindle Dust, branded with Drag Iron. Double brindle, plus thickness. Halter trained stage #1. (All DCC bulls are) Let him be the protagonist in the pasture.

Fine Idea


DOB: 4/4/2018; Sire: Saddlehorn; Dam: Fine Forever; Color: W/B hd; His sire is well known by all and his dam has produced more weaned pounds of calves than any DCC cow. If popular, long, tall, halter trained, black and white both sire and dam is important? Always fight under a genetically winning flag, or else just run for your life from the battle.

Horn Wine


DOB: 4/9/2018; Sire: Saddlehorn; Dam: Noble Wine; Color: B/W Pnt; He's a true black pinto and DNA tested homogeneous black. Every calf of his will be black based. His sire was also. Not many of these around. He is for one who wants to see black every time.

Lag Fire


DOB: 5/11/2018; Sire: Jet Lag; Dam: Dragon Fire; Color: R/W spkld; For those who study pedigrees, he will blow your mind. Look close -- very, very close. Post him on the internet and he will have more followers than an escapee from your local nudist colony. Dragon Fire has 13" more T2T than the famous Shadow Jubilee at the same age.

Line Up


DOB: 7/13/2018; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Precious Plum; Color: B/W; The oldest Time Line son offered. Wild color, great horn data, and brilliant pedigree all in one beautiful package. Nothing beats the smell of Texas Longhorns in the morning. When you see his first calves you will be more excited than a theif's pulse in church.

Match Up


DOB: 4/14/2018; Sire: Hooray; Dam: Rodeo Match; Color: W/R spk; His sire Hooray (2120 lbs) will establish another great sire line for Jamakizm. Match Up is for the ranch that wants to add rate of gain and thick type. Add one Golden Boy Henry Rifle for an additional fee. Stage 1 halter trained.

Pass Word


DOB: 4/9/2018; Sire: Jamakizm; Dam: Obvious End; Color: R/W; The last few Jamakizm calves are being born as his semen is used up. This is a chance for one last pretty brindle. Brindle top and bottom -- maybe homozygous? His dam is a full sister to Non Stop. Halter trained.

Point Ahead


DOB: 4/27/2018; Sire: Clear Point; Dam: Tuff Love; Color: W/R hd, lgs; One of the last natural service Clear Point Sons. Horn is not a guess - its a future fact. Halter trained stage #1. His horn is growing like bad habits on the neighbors dog, but he won't turn over your trash barrel. Right in the middle of very good.

Sneaky Horn


DOB: 5/31/2018; Sire: Saddlehorn; Dam: Pretty Lady; Color: W/R Ears; He is a scientific IVF son of 97" T2T Prety lady. He is a slow-coming blue roan. Halter trained to stage #1. He has the black slow starting Saddlehorn factor.

Soapy Shard


DOB: 7/14/2018; Sire: Non Stop; Dam: Dragon Shard; Color: R/W sptd; His sire and dam justify a great herd sire mating. Halter trained. Loves evening strolls and grazing clover. More intelligence than an impeachment hearing. His calves will make a city park go crazy with color.

Stop In


DOB: 4/4/2018; Sire: Non Stop; Dam: Shoo-In; Color: R/W spkd; Recommended for a show bull at the highest levels. Check the astonishing body length, not often found, nor for sale. He will have value after a very successful show career, not just a one way trip to the local spit bucket auction barn. Don't hold back and hate yourself later.

Times Up


DOB: 7/1/2018; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Sweet Chex; Color: R/W pnl; More horn than Kenny G and thick as a bureaucrat's donor list. Did anyone notice all the brindle? He is a genetic tank. Stage #1 halter trained.

Wait Till Dark


DOB: 6/2/2018; Sire: Saddlehorn; Dam: Jester; Color: B/W; He is an IVF full brother to Elfego. DCC can't use 2 full brothers. He is Jester's (over 90") 27th calf. She is possibly the greatest genetic contributor to DCC. He is bred in the upper reaches of prestigious organicizm.

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