Bred_Cow List

Almond Eyes


DOB: 4/14/2013; Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Super Drafter; Color: Red Brindle; Service Sire:Spokesman (see reference sires); This striking brindle has caught the eye of many pasture guests. She has raised 5 nice calves in 5 years. Her dam is the best DCC Super Bowl daughter. Preg check pos to Spokesman, who is famous for black speckled faced calves. She is too smart for DCC. She goes wherever the grass is best and will not stay put. She doesn't respect anything except electric fences. If you have great fences and can endure her, she is priced right. She is gentle.

Beauty Bitts


DOB: 5/28/2015; Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Brown Beauty; Color: R/W pnl; Service Sire:Iron Span; She is a sweet seal brown Tibbs daughter. If you take her to a barn dance, you will dance with no other. Everyone who has Tibbs cows loves them. Preg checked pos to Iron Span, see reference sires.

Brilliant Star


DOB: 4/13/2018; Sire: Tuxedo; Dam: Far From Over; Color: R/W spk; Service Sire:Elfego; She's a long tall drink of water - a Tuxedo daughter. Rich of color. Sweet of disposition. Halter trained to stage #1. Preg check positive to Elfego

Charred Melody


DOB: 5/11/2016; Sire: Charred rare; Dam: Ohio Melody; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Cut'N Dried; A grand daughter of the two greatest sires Tuff & Drag Iron. That is a genetic plan. Smitten with historic genetics. Service sire: Cut'n Dried.

Clear Sequoia


DOB: 4/4/2012; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Sequoia Mark; Color: Red; Service Sire:Tibbs; She is straight and correct producing 6 calves in the last 6 years. She is dam of Sequoia Flair, widest horned daughter of Lots of Flair. Service sire: Tibbs. Study the pedigree -- that tells the story.

Clear Yea!


DOB: 6/9/2014; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Yea! Victory; Color: Red; She is a smooth big 1130 lbs and slick as boiled okra. Four calves in 4 years. Herds without Clear Win or Clear Point genetics will be smaller cattle than the market desires. All sale cattle Johne's tested neg. No leased or borrowed bulls in her pedigree. Service sire: Drop Box (triple bronze winner)



DOB: 4/9/2016; Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Hung Trial; Color: Black; Service Sire:Drop Box; He dam will soon be 90". She has 100% black spotted heifers so far.

Darkened Drag


DOB: 6/5/2013; Sire: Bk/W Spk; Dam: Barn Dancer; Color: Drag Iron; Service Sire:Drop Box; Drag Iron daughters are the greatest female producing genetic line in the TL industry. Everyone needs another one. Preg check positive. Johnes test neg.

Dragon Knot


DOB: 4/27/2015; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Twine; Color: W/R Spkd; A brindle base color Drag Iron daughter just starting to produce. She is long, tall and raised a beautiful heifer by Time Line this year. A shocking planned pedigree with a strong genetic package. Johne's test neg. Service sire: Time Line. She is almost like new or more so.

Dragy Draft


DOB: 5/6/2010; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Not Drafty; Color: W/R hd; She had 8 fat calves in 8 years. Weighs 1215 lbs without any government subsidies, enabling, grants, stipends, pampering, or coddling. Drag Iron daughters are good investments. Dragy Draft has proven her worth over and over. Like Blue Emu she works fast and she don't stink! Johne's test neg. Service sire: Stop Already.

Hung Trial


DOB: 6/29/2011; Sire: Trial Run; Dam: Tempt de Loof; Color: W/B ears; Service Sire:Hooray; Could make 90" T2T like her grand dam. You can find her in the dark. Just to look at her is like being washed over in a cool mountain stream of water on a hot day. Her dam became world famous in August for escaping the Colorado Springs trail drive and running in a bank lobby.



DOB: 4/2/2007; Sire: Super Duty; Dam: Jigsaw; Color: Red; Jizelle is one of the best daughters of Mi Tierra's bull, Super Duty. Top weight 1320 lbs. She is dam of 11 calves in 11 years including herd sires Helter Skelter, Go Pro and Mark Flinchum's pretty cow Jamelle. She is a grand daughter of Senator and has the thickness to prove it. Test neg Johne's. Service sire: Iron Span, ITLA Champion.



DOB: 3/28/2013; Sire: Jolter; Dam: Quester; Color: R/W Unln; Brindling more every year. A strong 1190 lbs. Four calves in 4 years. Solid for years of service with known ancestors. Service sire: Elfego by Saddlehorn.

Juma's Color


DOB: 4/3/2010; Sire: Juma; Dam: Rose Colored Glasses; Color: W/R spk; Never was a brindle cow more beautiful. Nearly every calf is brindle. If your herd is galling with blaa colors, she will stand out like a circus clown in Congress, uhhh, no, forget that. AI bred to Drag Iron on 7-10-19. Natural service sire: Time Line, see reference sires.



DOB: 4/2/2013; Sire: Juma; Dam: Debbie Steel; Color: W/R ears; Jumanski - is a daughter of Juma with an early fast-twisting horn shape. She is double bred Jamakizm. Four calves in 4 years. She is easy to spot at night. Never makes mistakes. Test neg Johne's. She will always have great value all the way to a monumental taxidermy head. Service sire: Stop Already.

Krinkle Steaker


DOB: 4/17/2008; Sire: Shy Streaker; Dam: Krinkle Bowl; Color: Brn/W; Service Sire:Cut'n Dried (double bronze winner 90.5" T2T); A daughter of Shy Streaker who was sold to Bill Koch of the famous Koch brothers. She is 1140 lbs and always raises fat calves. AI'd to Cut'n Dried female semen on 7-7-19, then natural followup to Time Line.

Lots of Chalk


DOB: 4/27/2015; Sire: Lots Of Flair; Dam: Chalk Line; Color: W/R eyes; Half sister to horn champion Flair Galore. Horns project to 80"+ at maturity. You get what you pay for except at an auction when the auctioneer is bidding against you. Don't accept immitations when the real thing is the same price. Service sire: Time Line.



DOB: 5/7/2007; Sire: Tempter; Dam: Phobe; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Spokesman (see reference sires); Lucia never makes a mistake. She started calving at age 2 and has weaned 9 big calves. She is dam of Randy Jones' blue roan herd sire Sleepy Horn. If your problem in the cow herd is gender dysphoria, she knows how it works. Longhorn cows are smart that way.



DOB: 5/8/2017; Sire: Tuxedo; Dam: Dragon Fly; Color: Red; Service Sire:Spokesman; Her horns will twist like a 2x4 from Lowes. Look at this producer-planned banded pedigree with a proven mating. Don't take chances on musical cows that come with unknown baggage. Service sire: Spokesman.

Nex Teu Win


DOB: 5/17/2014; Sire: Annex; Dam: Winning Strike; Color: R/W unln; She is a maternal half sister to Flair Galore. This banding has worked over and over. A young flaw-free consistent producer. Four calves in 4 years. T2T 71" on 11-19-19. Smooth as a kindergarden door knob. This is a continuing trend of things we have worked for 52 years. Preg pos to Tibbs.

Nice Work


DOB: 4/19/2015; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Bizarre; Color: Red; Service Sire:Flair Galore or Tibbs; She is gold as the Vatican's vault. She is full sister to Trip Wire. She has the muscle look of Clear Win.

Noble Mark


DOB: 4/14/2011; Sire: Noble Knight; Dam: Special Mark; Color: W/R Ears; Noble Mark is sired by the leading horn siring son of Over Kill. These Noble Knight cows are great milkers and fertile as a Somalia pirate. She will make 80" soon and tips the scales at 1160 lbs. No borrowed, leased or unregistered bulls in her pedigree. The big thing in the future is not only horn but horn with beef. The pedigree makes the difference. Test neg Johne's. Service sire: Cut'n Dried.

Obvious End


DOB: 4/23/2015; Sire: Over Kill; Dam: Obvious Top; Color: W/R spk; Service Sire:Cut'N Dried; This is a full sister to Non Stop and half sister to Iron Span. Her dam is the most tightest pretzil-twisted spread at DCC. She's unique brindle with tricky eyebrows, tall and well speckulated. Anyone who can tell a gay rabbi from the Lone Ranger knows she is going to twist all over the place.

Off Key


DOB: 10/27/2015; Sire: Bandera Chex; Dam: Simply Irresistable; Color: W/R Spkld; This age 3 cow has a pedigree chunked full of futurity "Rifle" sires clear to the next township. Those who study pedigrees know where and how this cow was planned for success. Know pedigrees and they will talk to you about themselves. Service sire: Stop Already.

Off Tune


DOB: 4/12/2016; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Jama Tune; Color: Red; This is the many times successful Jamakizm/Clear Win banding. If you have enough money to burn a wet mule you will not be interested in saving money with this investment. Some are so nice they still look correct in a plain brown wrapper. Johne's neg. Service sire: Tibbs.

On Ramp


DOB: 4/15/2016; Sire: Lots of Flair; Dam: Clear Sequoia; Color: W/R Spkld; Service Sire:Time Line (86" T2T); What a great name - everyone has been there. She is half sister to Flair Galore. Never had anything except heifer calves.

Over Night


DOB: 4/23/2016; Sire: Jet Black Chex; Dam: Over Fickled; Color: B/W; Service Sire:Drop Box; She is black as the 12th night at the Alamo, has raised 2 calves in 2 years. She has produced 2 fantastic Drop Box sons.

Plumb Gizzy


DOB: 4/26/2014; Sire: Plumb Line; Dam: Gizmo Gail; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Tibbs (see reference sires); Her smitten genetics come from doubling down on Over Kill and Gizmo. See it - enjoy it.

Point In Space


DOB: 3/23/2017; Sire: Clear Point; Dam: Super Caliber; Color: W/R Ears; This heifer shows the McGill blood coming down through Hashbrown. It shows all over her. Point In Space has horn to the high Heavens. No borrowed, leased or unregistered cattle in her pedigree. Notice same dam as DCC herd sire Reload. Service sire: Time Line.

Pokey Pack


DOB: 5/30/2016; Sire: Cowboy Tuff Chex; Dam: Jam Packed; Color: W/R Hd; Service Sire:Hooray; Pokey Pack -- Quite a special age 3 cow, raising her second calf. She is a full sister to Full Pack, All Star Futurity Champion 2018, ITLA Jr Champion Halter Female 2019, etc. She is full sister to Drop Box, soon to blow over 90" T2T. DCC tried for 48 years to raise one of this quality and here she is.

Sequoia Jolt


DOB: 3/29/2013; Sire: Jolter; Dam: Sequoia Mark; Color: W/R Spk; Sequoia Jolt is right in the middle of where a good herd should be. Her sire was one of the tallest bulls ever bred at DCC. She has one horn tip kebotchulated. Horn T2T calculated by adjustment. Bull calf at side born 4-10-19 by Cut'n Dried (see refereence sires) already sold, test neg Johne's. She will catch your eye, even with poor eye-sight. Residential delivery anywhere at a seperate fee. Service sire: Time Line, 2065 lbs and 85.63" T2T.

Sequoia Mark


DOB: 4/22/2005; Sire: Mile Marker; Dam: Win Sequoia; Color: Red; Service Sire:Drop Box; She has raised 12 calves in 12 years. She is dam of Tempt You ($31,000), Tibbs, and Mark of Juma. Animals good to eat never become extinct -- someone raises them for a profit.



DOB: 4/4/2010; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Annie; Color: B/W Rn; Service Sire:Ai'ed to Top Caliber on 6-30, then to Time Line; She was Champion at ORVTLA 2012 show. Weight 1235. In 8 years, 8 healthy calves including herd sires Point Pundit and Short Strap. AI'ed to Top Caliber on 6-30, then Natural to Time Line. She has more color than the bathroom of a presidential impeachment basement. Very few will have this color in their herd.

Smiling Rio


DOB: 4/30/2011; Sire: JP Rio Grande; Dam: Winning Smile; Color: W/R hd; Service Sire:AI to Drag Iron on 7-16, then Cut'n Dried; A young Rio daughter weighing in at 1150 lbs and just over 80" T2T. Her famous dam Winning Smile, Denver National Show Champion 2019, is one of the greatest producers in the breed. Perfect spread and much more horn to grow with time.

So Grand


DOB: 5/3/2016; Sire: Reckon So; Dam: Granddstand; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Iron Span (see service sires); Those who know pedigrees will love her not only on paper but in the flesh.

Speed Square


DOB: 4/1/2013; Sire: Glad Jolt; Dam: Tempting Smile; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Stop Already; She is 1270 lbs. She stems from the strongest Juma line. Milks like a Pinzgauer. She will be more fun to own that being beat with a frozen muskrat.

Tempting Sky


DOB: 5/22/2013; Sire: Tenpter; Dam: Falling Sky; Color: B/W; One of the few black Tempter daughters. Great zippy face. Fast twisting perfect lateral horn. Medium size. Raised 5 calves in 5 years. A stunning face decor that demands a gentle smile on viewers. All DCC cattle offered are test neg Johnes. Service sire: Cut'n Dried.

Top Suspect


DOB: 3/30/2011; Sire: Top Caliber; Dam: Unsuspected; Color: R/W unln; Another Top Caliber cow with horn going every direction. Top weight 1130. Six calves in 6 years. No borrowed or leased bulls in her pedigree. A one owner cow. Top Caliber cows are value property. Buy her quick before the Nevada rancher guy gets her. Test negative to Johne's. Service sire: Drop Box.



DOB: 5/28/2015; Sire: Annex; Dam: Toss The Jam; Color: Drk R/W; Service Sire:Flair Galore or Time Line; She is a strong maternal combining her 90" dam Toss The Jam with her grand dam 92" Jester. The rest is history. No borrowed or leased cattle in her pedigree. All DNA guaranteed on all DCC cows as represented.

Tuff Dance


DOB: 4/11/2014; Sire: Cowboy Tuff Chex; Dam: Dancer; Color: R/W; A big daughter of Tuff. Her dam, Dancer produced Jackpot (85"), Drag Dance, Dirty Dancer, Sword Play, and Top Dance, all well known. One horn dingulated. All DCC cattle guaranteed PV by DNA. Service sire: Point Mark, he is a Gold Star rating, seeing is believing his data under referernce sires.

Tuff Peg


DOB: 4/13/2015; Sire: Cowboy Tuff Chex; Dam: Winipeg; Color: R/W; An own Tuff daughter with a DCC touch. A big thick cow at 1130 lbs. Three calves is 3 years -- never misses. Slightly nervous so priced low. Thick as a dunkin donut fanatic. If you don't own a Tuff daughter, you have missed out. Service sire: Elfego (see reference sires)

Win The Joust


DOB: 4/6/2013; Sire: Jolter; Dam: Win Or Bust; Color: W/R Spk; This young cow in the mid 70's T2T,and tall as a bureaucrat's tale. Extraordinary value-quality here. Five calves in her first 5 years. Could make the valuable 90" T2T. Count her specks if you can. Buy a truck load of great cows that are all one-owner, by paying a seperate fee. Johne's test neg. Speckled bull calf born 4-21-19 to Hooray - pronounced "hou-raw." calf pictured sold. No bidding above posted price allowed. Service sire: Hooray.

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