Bred_Cow List

Annex Line


DOB: 5/16/2014; Sire: Annex; Dam: Superior Suspect; Color: Bk/W; She is true black and a grand daughter of Drag Iron and Over Kill. She is a long wheelbase. She is mother of 3 fat heifers in 3 years. Look at that face. Service sire: Cut'n Dried (one of the few 30 month old over 80 T2T bulls)



DOB: 7/11/2004; Sire: Shadow Savvy; Dam: Shadow Savvy; Color: Bk/W; She is the last daughter of Shadow Savvy, a major sire of thickness and gain. Dam of 12 calves in 12 years. Heifer calf at side sold - not included. Aurora available Sept 1st. Service sire: Drop Box (see reference sires)



DOB: 4/15/2006; Sire: Riverforks Hired Gun; Dam: Black Head Bogia; Color: Bk/W; Service Sire:Hooray; Bogia is Terry King breeding, famous for futurity championship total conformation. She raised a huge Clear Point black heifer this year. Service sire: Hooray by Jamakizm. People spot this pretty cow and never fail to ask about her. She brightens the pasture.

Dragy Draft


DOB: 5/6/2010; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Not Drafty; Color: W/R hd; She has weaned 6 fat calves in 6 years and now a 7th. Weighs 1215 lbs without any government subsidies, enabling, grants, stipends, pampering, or coddling. Drag Iron daughters are good investments. Dragy Draft has proven her worth over and over. Service sire: Hooray. She works fast and she don't stink! Johne's test neg.

High Top


DOB: 4/4/2011; Sire: Top Caliber; Dam: High Tide; Color: R/W; Her sire Top Caliber is the second most consistent sire of over 80" sons. This will always be the top of Doug Hunts famous genetics. She has birthed 6 calves in 6 years. For one searching for flamboyant color. Test neg to Johnes. Prettiest bull calf in the world born 4-14-18 by Jet Black, not included. Service sire: Jet Black.



DOB: 4/2/2007; Sire: Super Duty; Dam: Jigsaw; Color: Red; Service Sire:Non Stop; Jizelle is one of the best daughters of Ronny Mullinax's bull, Super Duty. Top weight 1320 lbs. She is dam of 10 calves in 10 years including herd sires Helter Skelter, Go Pro and Mark Flinchum's pretty cow Jamelle. She is a grand daughter of Senator and has the thickness to prove it. Test neg Johne's. Service sire: Non Stop, needs no introduction.

Mark Up


DOB: 5/6/2015; Sire: Kip Up; Dam: Dragon Mark; Color: W/R Hd; Service Sire:Hooray; A perfect horn shape, medium size cow. Great Hooray calf in 2018 and bred back to Hooray. (see reference sires) The serious blood is here. The strength of a Rio X Drag Iron blend. The greatest profit virture in the TL industry is to know good from great.



DOB: 5/7/2012; Sire: Black Strap; Dam: Auburn; Color: Red; Service Sire:Tibbs -sire of Tibina, 2017 International Champion; She is a rare seal brown brindle almost identical to her grand sire Jamakizm. She is striking in the pasture. Weighs 1310 - lots of cow. 100% of the Black Strap daughters weigh over 1200 lbs at DCC. Test neg Johne's. Service sire: Tibbs, the legendary brindle siring son of Juma.

Rodeo Drive


DOB: 6/2/2016; Sire: Rodeo Max; Dam: Fast Drag; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Drop Box; She is bright appaloosa with a rich strong heritage. All the options remain on the table for her future. She will surprise you like the sword swallower who specialized in umbrellas. Service sire: Drop Box triple bronze Champion Horn Showcase.

Rusty Tool


DOB: 4/9/2013; Sire: Top Tool; Dam: Te Jube; Color: R/W unln; Service Sire:Drop Box (triple bronze over 80" - 30 mo. old); A big mid 70" cow with a real value pedigree including Shadow Jubilee. She is a grand daughter of Top Caliber & Tempter - two great consistent sires of 90" & more. She is big, thick, and horns twisting like a Mexican pretzel. She is a solid factory with progeny opportunities into the 90s.

So Grand


DOB: 5/3/2016; Sire: Reckon So; Dam: Grandstand; Color: R/W; One of the first heifers for sale by Reckon So, double futurity winner. Study this pedigree - everyone has a pedigree just not all this good. Service sire: Jet Black, 82" T2T then Elfego. For an added fee, free delivery.

Special Jangle


DOB: 6/18/2013; Sire: Jubal Jangler; Dam: Special Mark; Color: Red; An own daughter of Jubal Jangle out of 91" Shadow Jubilee. Add these 91" genetics to your herd for success. This pedigree is colluded clean back to Peter McCue. Johne's tested neg. Service sire: Non Stop, there is no stopping this son of Over Kill.

Super Most


DOB: 5/1/2004; Sire: Super Bowl; Dam: Gunna Most; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Flair Galore; Great producing Super Bowl daughter. Dam of over 80" Skid Boot, great producer Super Mileage, Top Most, Bruised Reed, etc... Out with Flair Galore June-September, then Non Stop Sept-October. She is grand dam of International Champion All Age Cow Iron On.

Tool Time


DOB: 7/24/2013; Sire: Top Tool; Dam: Dragon In The Mist; Color: R/W Pnt; Service Sire:Non Stop - Sire of Champions; She is the Drag iron/Top Caliber package proven to be stout as snake venom. Four calves on time in 4 years. Johne's test neg. She was dam of the best horned Lots Of Flair heifer in 2016. Six free barn cats included with purchase, range delivery. Service sire: Non Stop.



DOB: 3/26/2014; Sire: Winchester; Dam: Running Iron; Color: R/W; The new young Winchester generation. They have been good at DCC for 20 years. Non Stop heifer born 4-27-18 not included. For an added fee one herd sire included. 100% DNA guarantee with all DCC purchases PV for the last 23 years. Service sire: Jet Black 82" T2T (see reference sires) then Non Stop.

Wreck Havok


DOB: 4/14/2008; Sire: Superb; Dam: Special Blend; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Non Stop; Love the tiny Super Bowl head and large body. She has the "look." Nine big calves in 9 years. She is a pasture reproduction practitioner of the highest sort. No offers like this on TV. However with an additional fee she comes with a close friend herd sire.

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