Packed Sport

 Bull_2020 - Packed Sport - Photo Number: h_3672.jpg

DOB: 4/8/2020
Color: R/W
Weight: 906

(on 8/5/2021)

Horns: 42.5

(on 8/5/2021)

Price: $3500
Packed Sport He is from a Beast embryo flush with the DCC top producing Jam Packed. He could be a genetic springboard to launch a great herd reset. Guaranteed not to bark or threaten defecation on the carpet or scratch on the bed room door periodically during the night. We guarantee our "sleep all night" bulls.

 Sire - The Beast - Photo Number: The-Beast_20191106.jpg
The Beast
103 RCC Rio Cane JP Rio Grande
J.R. Grand Slam
TX W Luck Lady
1/4 SDR Candy Cane
Awesome Viagra
Hatch's Candy Cane
004 TCC VA Voom TG Flash
Boomerang C P
2B Empress
Overly Anna
 Dam - Jam Packed - Photo Number: h_3969.jpg
Jam Packed
Jamakizm Shadowizm
The Shadow
Circle K Donovan
Miss Widespread
Win W Bliss Win Win
My My My
Expected Bliss
Ain't Expected

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