Spokes Buzz

 Heifer_2019 - Spokes Buzz - Photo Number: h_5852.jpg
Reg.: I-284050
DOB: 6/13/2019
Color: W/B spkld
Weight: 840

(on 6/1/2021)

Horns: 49.5

(on 6/1/2021)

Price: $3500
Sorry, already Sold    

Spokes Buzz Spokes Buzz is the first of many beautiful black speckled Spokesman heifers. Just visualize her as an 80" adult cow with a speckled Spokesman looking calf at side every year. Don't buy her if she is going to make your other cattle look bad. Preg check pos to Point Mark for fall calf 2021. She needs rescued from a life of walking in deep grass and over eating.

 Sire - Spokesman - Photo Number: h_3581.jpg
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