Horn Wine

 Bull_2018 - Horn Wine - Photo Number: g_1316.jpg

DOB: 4/9/2018
Color: B/W Pnt
Weight: 1175

(on 3/18/2020)

Horns: 58.0

(on 3/18/2020)

Sorry, already Sold    

Horn Wine He's a true black pinto and DNA tested homozygious black. Every calf of his will be black based. His sire was also. This is weapons grade genetics. Not many of these around. He is for one who wants to see black every time. No indolence what so ever.

 Sire - Saddlehorn - Photo Number: DSCF13830.jpg
Saddle Tramp Top Caliber
Hunts Command Respect
Love Is Blue
Kelo Chex Bl039
Foot Loose Kelo Chex
Night Chex
BL Lady Lil
Swinging Easy
The Shadow
Daddy's Money
 Dam - Noble Wine - Photo Number: f_11125.jpg
Noble Wine
Noble Knight Over Kill
Over Head
Field of Pearls
Unbounded Symbol
Kingly Symbol
Rosey White Wine Winchester
Sadie Sam
Rose Colored Glasses
Rosy Shadow

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