Texas Longhorn Exhibition_Steer - Attempter - Photo Number: g_5233.jpg

DOB: 6/23/2016
Color: W/R spkld
Weight: 1376

(on 6/8/2020)

Horns: 82.75

(on 6/8/2020)

Price: $4900
Sorry, already Sold    

Attempter He is speckled as an ink fight in a one room school house. Full figured, in the right way. Big as the side of a barn. Tall enough to peep in a window without a bucket.

Texas Longhorn Sire - Lots of Flair - Photo Number: b_4221.jpg
Lots of Flair
Jamakizm Shadowizm
The Shadow
Circle K Donovan
Miss Widespread
Shot Of Victory Victory Lap
Headliner FF248
Amazing Shot
Texas Longhorn Dam - Noble Attempt - Photo Number: a_5996.jpg
Noble Attempt
Noble Knight Over Kill
Over Head
Field of Pearls
Unbounded Symbol
Kingly Symbol
Tempt You Tempter
Temptations The Ace
Field of Pearls
Sequoia Mark
Mile Marker
Win Sequoia

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