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Drop Box

DOB: 5/26/2016; Sire: Cowboy Tuff Chex; Dam: Jam Packed; Color: R/W; Drop Box has the 2nd most horn of the Tuff sons at DCC in his age group. (just slightly under Cut'n Dried) His wonderful dam was ITLA All Age Champion Non Halter and in 2017 won the T2T Horn Showcase against all comers. Jam Packed is one of Jamakizm's many over 90" females. His data is right above the line with Beast and 3" above Clear Point. A true genetic forward move. Not just horn, but great dark brindle spotted and beef size. Triple Bronze winner, 2018 Horn Showcase. T2T 88.25"

Meg x Hooray - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 5/4/2020; Sire: Hooray; Dam: Meg; Color: Red; The last DCC Hooray calf crop. Look at this profile! Her dam is a daughter of the top bull in South Dakota, Top Hand.

Price:  $1300

Ro Ann

DOB: 4/16/2014; Sire: Annex; Dam: Rolex; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Drop Box; This attractive Annex daughter was featured on the back cover of the 2019 Celebrity Calendar, and what a beautiful pair they were. Notice the carefully planned matings of her pedigree. Her dam is a half sister to famous Jamakizm. This is solid stand-on-the-bucket, look-in-the-window worth-it genetics. Time Line pretty spotted heifer born 4-3-20. Service Sire: Drop Box.

Price:  $3,100

All Points x Elfego - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 4/25/2020; Sire: Elfego; Dam: All Points; Color: B/W; She has more black heritage than a turtle's gizzard. Eight ancestors over a ton. Nine ancestors are over 80", 90", or 100". Strong blood!!!

Price:  $2000

Ann's Stop x Elfego - 2020 Bull

DOB: 5/6/2020; Sire: Elfego; Dam: Ann's Stop; Color: B/W spkd; Pick the best early. No one will find a nicer face, pedigree, or speck pattern. He has more specks than Pelosi has bad ideas. Look at the substance!

Price:  $2500

Clear Chance

DOB: 4/2/2013; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Idel Frenzie; Color: Red; Service Sire:Drop Box; A smooth thick Clear Win daughter in the prime of life. Mother of 5 healthy calves. Weight 1126 lbs. Spokesman steer calf born 5-13-20. Service sire: Drop Box

Price:  $2800

Clearly Arose

DOB: 4/16/2014; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Tempting Roses; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Elfego; This stunning cow is unusual in the DCC herd due to being very nervous. She is not selling as a pet. This cow is anti-social and not for the beginning rancher. She is a very consistent producing pasture cow. Give her plenty of space and she will raise some nice calves. Bull calf at side by Elfego born 5-3-20. Service sire: Elfego

Price:  $2900

Clearly Arose x Elfego - 2020 Bull

DOB: 5/3/2020; Sire: Elfego; Dam: Clearly Arose; Color: R/W; Wow! What a face! He represents the newest of the proven genetics. More color than snack wrappers on a subway train floor.

Price:  $1900

Dirty Dancer

DOB: 4/3/2015; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Dancer; Color: R/W; Service Sire:I-275090; This odd colored Drag Iron cow has good ground clearance, with weapon grade genetics. Has 4 calves in 4 years including herd sire Dirty Tux. Drag Iron daughters are valuable property. Neg Johnes test. Seriously preventing Thelma & Louise herd moments. Bull calf born 4-16-20 by Time Line weighing 68 lbs. Service sire: Cut'n Dried

Price:  $3300

Divine Jubilee

DOB: 5/16/2016; Sire: Cowboy Tuff Chex; Dam: Sweet Jubilee; Color: W/R ears; Service Sire:Elfego; Her sire and dam have a combined horn T2T of 204". She is an embryo from a clone cow. Raising her 3rd calf at age 4. This is some rich stuff. Bull calf at side by Hooray.

Price:  $6500


DOB: 4/12/2011; Sire: Trial Run; Dam: Esmerelda; Color: W/Bk M; Service Sire:Drop Box; Many think she is the prettiest speckled tri-color cow at DCC. She is very much like her grand dam Shadow Jubilee who went over 91" T2T. This is a rare colorful cow who will decorate a pasture the second she jumps off the trailer. Iron Span bull at side born 4-5-20. Service sire: Drop Box.

Price:  $4200

Giztal Clear

DOB: 5/31/2012; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Gizette; Color: R/W Pnt; Service Sire:Time Line; A vintage twisty horned Clear Win daughter. Her dam was Legacy ITLA Champion Sr Cow in 2008. Raises fat calves. Bull calf at side by Elfego born 4-7-20. Has one bad toe, due to an old injury. Service sire: Time Line.

Price:  $2200

Glad Hander

DOB: 3/28/2013; Sire: Glad Jolt; Dam: Drag Extra; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Elfego; She is pseudo trajectory or more so. She has had 6 calves in 6 years. She is everything a great pasture cow should be. Neg test for Johnes. Last chance to buy this cow -- waiters are losers. Bull calf born 5-11--20 at side by Elfego. And a beautiful Elfego calf it is. Service sire: Elfego.

Price:  $2900

Hung Trial

DOB: 6/29/2011; Sire: Trial Run; Dam: Tempt de Loof; Color: W/B ears; Service Sire:Cut'n Dried; Could make 91" T2T like her grand dam the famous Shadow Jubilee. You can find her in the dark. Herd sire prospect born 4-18-20 by Hooray. Just to look at her is like being washed over in a cool mountain stream of water on a hot day. Her dam became world famous in August for escaping the Colorado Springs trail drive and stampeding through a crowd of beef eaters into a bank lobby. Service sire: Cut'n Dried.

Price:  $11,000

Jest Max

DOB: 5/2/2015; Sire: Rodeo Max; Dam: Jester; Color: Red/W; Service Sire:Iron Span; The only Jester daughter offered. She is raisen her 4th calf in 4 years. Couldn't be better. Don't let her plain brown wrapper slap you back - look at her produce. Iron Span herdsire prospect at side born 4/10/20. Service sire: Iron Span.

Price:  $3500

Jest Me

DOB: 6/7/2017; Sire: Tuxedo; Dam: Jest Ironic; Color: W/R Hd Legs; Service Sire:Elfego; Two great females here with Shadow Jubilee and Jester. That is tall cotton, are more so. See the planned accumulation of successful genetics here. Heifer at side by Time Line and look at that full hip. Service sire: Elfego.

Price:  $3900


DOB: 3/28/2013; Sire: Jolter; Dam: Quester; Color: R/W Unln; Service Sire:Drop Box; Brindling more every year. A strong 1190 lbs. Five calves in 5 years. Solid for years of service with known ancestors. Bold true black heifer born 6-20-20 to Elfego by Saddlehorn. DNA guaranteed 100% PV. Service sire: Drop Box.

Price:  $2800

Killing Cowboys

DOB: 4/3/2015; Sire: Cowboy Tuff Chex; Dam: Killer Rose; Color: B/W; Service Sire:Iron Span; One of the few black-base Tuff daughters. She gets black from Over Kill and extra thickness from Senator. She has raised 4 calves in 4 years. She has the Tuff leg. Drag Iron bull calf at side born 4-1-20 that probably will brindle. She looks pretty, even with a corona mask over your eyes. Service sire: Iron Span.

Price:  $3900

Kute Kimber

DOB: 4/7/2014; Sire: Jamakizm; Dam: Shining Victory; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Cut'N Dried; A full sister to Drag Iron. Five calves in 5 years. Weight 1195 lbs. A smooth, straight donor cow to work many directions. Stop Already bull at side born 5-31-20. Service sire: Cut'n Dried.

Price:  $11000


DOB: 5/9/2011; Sire: Fast Friend; Dam: Jamelle; Color: W/R Hd; Service Sire:Time Line; She is one of the few last daughters of Fast Friend, a great horn sire. She is double bred Super Bowl, plus Temptations The Ace and Jamakizm -- all strong stuff. She is well over 6' T2T and weighs 1250 lbs. Stop Already bull at side born 2-29-20. She does not go to Walmart with a plastic bag over her horns. She is economical because she never uses expensive hoof sanitizer. Service sire: Time Line

Price:  $3900


DOB: 3/26/2013; Sire: Win Win; Dam: Bowl of Roses; Color: R/W spltd; Service Sire:Time Line; This young Win Win daughter weighs 1210 lbs and is raising her 6th calf - never fails. No sexual bias with 3 bulls and 3 heifer calves. She is a protective mother. Full sister to Clear Win. Not racist - can breed her to an angus bull and she won't picket. Heifer at side born 4-19-20 sired by Time Line. Service sire: Time Line.

Price:  $3900


DOB: 4/6/2017; Sire: Rim Rock; Dam: Sweetheart; Color: W/R hd; Service Sire:Stop Already; Rimrock is one of Rio's best sons. She is young with perfect horn direction. Heifer calf at side by Hooray born 6-8-20.

Price:  $2800

Nice Work

DOB: 4/19/2015; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Bizarre; Color: Red; Service Sire:Drop Box; She is gold as the Vatican's vault. She is a full sister to Trip Wire. She has the muscle look of Clear Win and a little Pinzgauer face without Pinzgauer. No ancestors have ever gone through a TL auction -- that means the owners wanted to keep them. Bull calf born 4-17-20 by Tibbs. Notice the twist and just age 5. Service sire: Drop Box.

Price:  $2900

Reckon Line

DOB: 5/25/2016; Sire: Reckon So; Dam: Annex Line; Color: R/W pnt; Service Sire:Elfego; This bronze pinto is one of the tallest cows her age. She is a Jack Phillips "high water" cow. She is a double bred Drag Iron. Many cattle pictured in magazines have lost the long leg conformation which is historic Longhorn type - Not Her! Heifer at side born 5-23-20 by Spokesman. Guaranteed negative of Chinese corona flu. Service sire: Elfego.

Price:  $3400


DOB: 3/30/2003; Sire: Senator; Dam: Kookachoo; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Elfego; She is the last DCC Senator daughter with the magic Zhivago as a grand sire. She needs a warm winter climate for many more years of production. Now raising her 16th calf with a perfect udder. Iron Span heifer at side born 5-31-20. Service sire: Elfego.

Price:  $2800

Senanon x Elfego - 2020 Bull

DOB: 4/20/2020; Sire: Elfego; Dam: Senanon; Color: B/W; An Elfego replica. He is young and unpredictable. Color is not unpredictable. Buy him economical and watch him develop.

Price:  $1300

Speed Square

DOB: 4/1/2013; Sire: Glad Jolt; Dam: Tempting Smile; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Macanudo; She is 1270 lbs. She stems from the strongest Juma line. For a seperate fee delivery anywhere by air or boat. She is a social colluder at the right time. Milks like a Pinzgauer. She will be more fun than being beat with a frozen muskrat. Bull calf born 4-23-20 by Stop Already. She prepares warm meals for calves up to 6 months and then says, get lost. Service sire: Macanudo.

Price:  $3100

Steely x Time Line - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 4/9/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Steely; Color: W/R; Sired by Time Line, the largest son of Rio. She is very correct. Her mother proudly bathes her several times a day. Look at that hip like a south Nigerian hippo.

Price:  $1700

Stop Clear

DOB: 4/28/2018; Sire: Non Stop; Dam: Clear Chance; Color: R/W Pnl; Service Sire:Elfego; She is young with a long life in front of her. She is a duplicate of many young DCC cows. Elfego speckled bull at side born 5-3-20.

Price:  $1700

Tempting Roses

DOB: 4/22/2005; Sire: Temptations The Ace; Dam: Rosenette; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Iron Span; This is one of the classic Temptations The Ace daughters. She needs a southern home for her senior years. She is raising her 14th calf now. She faileth not. She has the Collier famous twist that is almost gone. She is a double bred Superior. Her Drop Box bull at side is an obvious herd sire prospect. She is a serious package of genetics not known for social distancing. Service sire: Iron Span.

Price:  $4100

Tuff Choice

DOB: 4/22/2015; Sire: Cowboy Tuff Chex; Dam: Winning Smile; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Stop Already; Finally enough Tuff daughters to let some fly out the gate. Winning Smile, her dam is one of the greatest cows ever. She was All Age Grand Champoin Cow at the National Western Show. She produced Macanudo, Grand Win, Tuff'n Ready, Tuff 2 Beat, Clear Smile, Dragon Smile, and Winning Caliber. She is just age 5 and rolling through the seventies. Stop Already bull at side born 4-18-20. Service sire: Stop Already.

Price:  $5400

Velvet Cake

DOB: 4/9/2018; Sire: Hunt's Command Respect; Dam: Shortcake; Color: Red; Service Sire:Spokesman; One of or perhaps the only age 2 Hunts Command Respect daughters, and out of a Drag Iron daughter. It can't get more stout than that. Her horns will grow and twist and dance. Heifer at side by Spokesman born 4-16-20 with more color than a spilled Skittles bag. Service sire: Spokesman.

Price:  $3200

Adagio Flair x Stop Already - Heif.

DOB: 4/19/2020; Sire: Stop Already; Dam: Adagio Flair; Color: R/W; She is beautiful genetically banded. Look at that tiny lady-like face.

Price:  $1500

Easy Wit

DOB: 4/15/2019; Sire: Tibbs; Dam: Easy Grace; Color: W/R ears; It's easy to call the game, but red brindle specks are soon exploding like sugar eating cheer leaders bouncing on the field. Service sire: What Not by Non Stop.

Price:  $1500

Flaired Anchor x Time Line - Heifer

DOB: 5/11/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Flaired Anchor; Color: R/W spkd; This is a large heifer for her age. Rightfully so with 27 over one ton ancestors. She is bred to be everything of value to the TL breed.

Price:  $2500

Front Caliber

DOB: 4/28/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Clear Caliber; Color: W/R spks; She is just starting to brindle all over - wait until she does the roaning process. Her pedigree has more famous heroes of the breed than Colin Kaepernick has bad decisions. This is your last chance to buy before Congress votes themselves another pay raise. Oops, sorry, too late. Service sire: What Not by Non Stop.

Price:  $2200

Front Point

DOB: 5/24/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Point In Space; Color: W/R ears; A long tall heifer destined to mature quality. She is young and priced easy. Brown brindle base color. Never traveled alone, or with anyone. Show her some scenery. Service sire: What Not by Non Stop.

Price:  $1700


DOB: 5/15/2019; Sire: Cut'n Dried; Dam: Jumanski; Color: W/R ears; One of the few Cut'n Dried heifers offered. She is young in season, but more anatomy genetics than a half time Super Bowl. Service sire: What Not, by Non Stop.

Price:  $1400

Jester x Iron Span - 2019 Bull

DOB: 6/25/2019; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Jester; Color: W/R Spks; He is the last natural Jester son born at DCC. His planned parentage is richer than Joe Biden. Halter trained. Perfect horn direction. He is 6th best gain of DCC bulls at 365 days. Next year he will be speckulated as his famous dam.

Price:  $3900

Makita x Time Line - Heifer

DOB: 4/19/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Makita; Color: W/R spks; Look at the substance and body thickness! Her dam is a full sister to Clear Win. This is futuristic genetics.

Price:  $1900

Neel Out

DOB: 5/21/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Neela; Color: R/W; Hold your breath........ look at the banding in this pedigree to include Tuff, Rim Rock, Jamakizm, and Clear Win. Unbelievable genetics full to the brim in one sweet package. She is moving forward and out-doing her pasture friends. Price has been increased. Service sire: Tied Off, by Saddlehorn.

Price:  $1900

Noble Iron x Time Line - 2020 Heif.

DOB: 4/16/2020; Sire: Time Line; Dam: Noble Iron; Color: Bk/W; Beautiful color, great conformation and 23 over a ton ancestors. She will be big, trim, and bold.

Price:  $3500

Reckon Mac

DOB: 5/28/2018; Sire: Reckon So; Dam: Mackenzie Lee; Color: R/W pnt; Shows good early horn growth. Look at the great sires with lots of horn. Bred by Robert Snyder, famous bank examiner. The numbers will come out right on him.

Price:  $2200

Soft Focus x Drop Box - 2020 Heifer

DOB: 4/16/2020; Sire: Drop Box; Dam: Soft Focus; Color: R/W spkd; This fancy heifer is bred to have more horn than the Georgetown marching band. Absolutely perfect profile. Will speculate like a freckled face Florida kid.

Price:  $2900

Sugar Front

DOB: 5/18/2019; Sire: Out Front; Dam: Sugar High; Color: W/R spkld; She is speckled as an Eskimo canoe during penguin season. Savor her pedigree. No leased or borrowed bulls in her pedigree. Service sire: What Not, by Non Stop.

Price:  $1600

Tuff Time

DOB: 4/16/2019; Sire: Cowboy Tuff Chex; Dam: Flair Time; Color: R/W; More color here than a lego block ocean container. An own son of Tuff out of Flair Galore's half sister. Halter trained and horn as long as Kenny G. And he is thick.

Price:  $8000

Flaring x Iron Span - 2020 Bull

DOB: 4/18/2020; Sire: Iron Span; Dam: Flairing; Color: R/W; One of the tallest, longest young bulls. Will speck-up quick.

Price:  $1800

Juma Stone x Point Mark - 2020 Bull

DOB: 4/29/2020; Sire: Point Mark; Dam: Juma Stone; Color: R/W; The first Point Mark herd sire prospect. All looks beautiful.

Price:  $2100

Point Ahead

DOB: 4/27/2018; Sire: Clear Point; Dam: Tuff Love; Color: W/R hd, lgs; One of the last natural service Clear Point Sons. Horn is not a guess - its a future fact. Halter trained stage #1. His horn is growing like bad habits on the neighbors dog, but he won't turn over your trash barrel. Right in the middle of very good. This is your last chance for him - once the new buyer gets him he won't be for sale again.

Price:  $9200

Flair Galore

DOB: 6/5/2015; Sire: Lots Of Flair; Dam: Winning Strike; Color: W/B Spk; Every 5 years the good Lord blesses our family with a great bull. We think this may be the 5 year answer to prayer. He is so breath taking, it almost demands polite gentlemen remove their Stetsons and savor a moment of silence upon first sight. This Jamakizm X Clear Win banding has worked every direction the hand has been played. Watch him. Above the horn value is a huge muscular bull with the prettiest speckled color there ever was. He is not only a total, but an extreme genetic bundle of total. He abandoned single factor selection 6 factors back.

Price:  NFS