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DOB: 4/11/2017; Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Calley; Color: B/W; Bred for easy calving, consistent belting, and great early gain. Profit from the DCC 30 year performance tested herd genetics. For a separate fee add 6 Buelingo heifers to this purchase. His dam was named after the wife of -- the Man Who Shot Liberty Valiance.

Price:  $2600

Dip Do Power x Progress Wrap

DOB: 5/15/2015; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Heifer; Color: R/W; A very fancy heifer, the result of a 30 year performance testing program. Correct color - great gain. 13 of 14 ancestors belted. Buelingo at the finest.

Price:  $1600

Fun Fling x Slug Fest - 2018 Heifer

DOB: 4/14/2018; Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Fun Fest; Color: R/W; This is a beefy Slug Fest heifer with a perfect vertical belt. She spells beef from every direction.

Price:  $1400

Power Keeper x Progress Wrap

DOB: 4/6/2018; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Power Keeper; Color: B/W; She's a stand-out in any pasture. A good foundation BueLingo female. Perfect belt pattern.

Price:  $1500

Vested Seal - 2018 Bull

DOB: 3/31/2018; Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Power Vest; Color: B/W; This young BueLingo pushes from both directions on the very low birth weight and a lively weaning weight. That is the adventure of it all. Five generations of belted beautiful cattle. Put the milk back in the cow herd.

Price:  $2100

Power Box x Progress Wrap

DOB: 3/31/2018; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Power Box; Color: R/W; Just an easy calving birth weight and thick as a bureacrat's mistress. No Holstein blood here. Pure Buelingo. 27 belted ancestors out of 30. That is deep.

Price:  $2200

Crowd Echo x Progress Wrap

DOB: 4/17/2018; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Crowd Echo; Color: R/W; A nice wide belt Progress Wrap heifer with white feet. A hip like a New Orleans Cajun cook. She is 4 times line bred Limousin. That is why she looks the way she does.

Price:  $1300

Dippity Do x Slug Fest

DOB: 4/5/2018; Sire: Slug Fest; Dam: Dippity Do; Color: B/w; She will be the uniform DCC 30 year genetic Buelingo program. Not a lot of guesswork - she will develop into a fine cow.

Price:  $1500

Power Edition x Progress Wrap

DOB: 5/17/2019; Sire: Progress Wrap; Dam: Power Edition; Color: B/W; Over 30 years of DCC careful matings. Correct legs, balance, the whole world before her.

Price:  $1500