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Drag A Wheel

DOB: 6/9/2016; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Bizarre; Color: R/W spkld; Service Sire:Cut'N Dried; She is brindle as an alley cat, young and more confidence than an uncaptured bandito. Bull calf at side by Cut'N Dried. Don't accept substitutions. Drag Iron cows are great income property. No bidding above posted prices allowed.

Price:  $4900

Giz You A Win

DOB: 4/3/2012; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Giz Over; Color: W/Bk; Service Sire:Hooray; She is one of the rare few black and white Clear Win daughters. The Over Kill does the black thing for her. She is bred as high as a spotted owl nest in the red wood forest. Johne's test neg. Heifer born 6-26-18 by Hooray. Has taken classes in gender identification.

Price:  $3200

Jest Ironic

DOB: 4/27/2015 Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Jester; Color: W/R spkd; She is one of 9 full sibs. This is a strong DCC fmily and a large part of the DCC herd. Cut'n Dried heifer born 5-16-18. Her famous dam is 90 3/8" T2T. More great genetics here than the royal wedding. All DCC sale cows are negative Johnes tested. Service sire: Hooray (see reference sires). For a seperate fee receive a Lever Action Henry Rifle with this cow. Save the Futurity fees.

Price:  $8500
Sorry, already Sold.   MMxCO

Jest Max

DOB: 5/2/2015; Sire: Rodeo Max; Dam: Jester; Color: Red/W; A daughter of Horn Champion Jester and 13 times Horn champion Rodeo Max. Strong genetic package. Heifer by Non Stop at side born 5-12-18. Jest Max is right on the horn line of her famous dam who measures 90 3/8" T2T. Service sire: Tibbs (see reference sires)

Price:  $4900

Lots of Chalk

DOB: 4/27/2015; Sire: Lots Of Flair; Dam: Chalk Line; Color: W/R eyes; Half sister to horn champion Flair Galore. Horns project to 80"+ at maturity. Bull calf at side born 5-3-18 by Hooray. (See reference sires) You get what you pay for except at an auction when the auctioneer is bidding against you. Don't accept immitations when the real thing is the same price. Service sire: Time Line (see reference sires)

Price:  $2900

Naughty Pine

DOB: 5/29/2005; Sire: Winchester; Dam: Dance With Joy; Color: R/W; Naughty Pine is one of the big, value Winchester daughters that has done us so much good. Top weight 1260 lbs. Dam of 11 calves in 11 years. Dam of Jimmy Jones' Drag iron daughter, "Iron Ware" ($22,000), Fast Pine, Naughty Pelosi, Naughty Trial, Navajo, Rodeo Entry and Pointed Pine. She is a pleasant trusted factory. She is a one owner cow, so far. Hooray bull calf born 7/24/18. Tested neg Johne's. Service sire: Cut'n Dried (well over 80" today)

Price:  $3800

Noble Mark

DOB: 4/14/2011; Sire: Noble Knight; Dam: Special Mark; Color: W/R Ears; Service Sire:Jet Black; Noble Mark is sired by the leading horn siring son of Over Kill. These Noble Knight cows are great milkers and fertile as a Somalia pirate. She will make 80" soon and tips the scales at 1160 lbs. The big thing in the future is not only horn but horn with beef. Bull calf born 5-17-18 by Jet Black Chex. Service sire: Jet Black then Hooray.

Price:  $5500

Tempt de Loof

DOB: 4/10/2009; Sire: Tempter ; Dam: Theme de Loof; Color: Black; Service Sire:Non Stop; She is age 9 and has birthed 8 calves - more noteable ones include herd sire "Indelible" plus over 80" Hung Trial. Heifer at side born 5-3-2018 by Reckon So. This heifer was born brindle and turned black.

Price:  $3900

Tempting Mark

DOB: 6/14/2010; Sire: Tempter; Dam: Lottery Marker; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Hooray; A 1255 lb own daughter of Tempter with mid 70's T2T. She is dam of the beautiful Dragon Mark. Heifer at side born 7/30/18 by Non Stop. Perfect rescue cow. Already healthy, had all her shots. For an added fee an extra bull will be included. Service sire: Hooray.

Price:  $5500

Victory Bella

DOB: 5/26/2006; Sire: Victory Lap; Dam: Bella Bullucci; Color: W/R; Service Sire:Time Line; This totally speculated Victory Lap daughter weighs 1295 lbs. She has raised 10 calves plus a highly productive embryo flush exported to Israel and Austria. Clear Point bull calf born 6-22-18. A rescue cow already in perfect health. Service sire: Time Line (see reference sires)

Price:  $3200

Win The Joust

DOB: 4/6/2013; Sire: Jolter; Dam: Win Or Bust; Color: W/R Spk; This young cow in the mid 70's on horn and tall as a bureaucrat's tale. Four calves in her first 4 years. Could make the valuable 90" T2T. Steer calf at side by Jet Black born 5-1-18. Double your order by paying a seperate fee. Service sire: Hooray - pronounced "hou-raw." No bidding above posted price allowed.

Price:  $5900