Box of Glaze

 Bull_2018 - Box of Glaze - Photo Number: f_13545.jpg

DOB: 5/6/2018
Color: R/W spkd
Weight: 1056

(on 1/27/2020)

Horns: 52.88

(on 1/27/2020)

Price: $3900
Sorry, already Sold    

Box of Glaze One of the first fancy Drop Box sons offered. A rich bronze appaloosa color. This pedigree is PV guaranteed good. He scores high on the DCC horn chart. Halter trained stage #1. You will hate yourself when your neighbor buys him and he becomes a great sire. Then his calves will hammer you at the shows and sales.

 Sire - Drop Box - Photo Number: g_5598.jpg
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